Max Brazier-Jones minotaur 6.jpg

I wanted to have the minotaur as a larger then life creature with some suggestion of him being some sort of guardian of a distant remote relic. I composed it on a moon-like scape to convey the sparseness of the world that the minotaur would inhabit.      entry 24/07/18

Max Brazier-Jones minotaur3.jpg
Max Brazier-Jones minotaur1.jpg
Max Brazier-Jones minotaur0.gif
Max Brazier-Jones minotaur4.jpg

With the next series of renders i'd like to get some of these retro screen print effects that i achieved with photoshop, shown above. Its got that nice 60's technicolour poster feel that evokes some strong feelings of retro cool. something i'm going to pursue but with higher quality render passes taken from Keyshot rather then Zbrush. Still, i've been loving the effects and finishes that have been acheived with in Zbrush rendering.      entry 24/07/2018

This series of fractal rings are from a few years back. Been using them as jewellery features and relic components in this sculpt. something i'd like to use in further renders. maybe something considerably larger then jewellery. some sort of large floating mass. maybe the curious object that the minotaur is guarding? + could act as a great composition tool to give the scene a larger then life feeling of scale.      entry 31/07/2018

Max Brazier-Jones fractual 1.jpg
Max Brazier-Jones fractual 3.jpg
Max Brazier-Jones fractual 2.jpg