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I love this guy. The hyper stylised style of the sculpt, in conjunction with its high detail semi-realism. The textured skin & adornments. It makes for a character that has cartoonish elements combined with relatable realism. I plan to pursue and push these 2 elements. increase the detailing whilst retain that stylised quality of the long limbs and prominent features. 

The Jewellery on tis character is also a strong vocal point. Something i'd like to put a lot more design hours into. i'd like to approach the jewellery design on the character as an excise in designing something ergonomic, actually wearable, eccentrically beautiful, other worldly and possibly even 3d printable.     entry 24/07/2018

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i think this character has a lot of strengths, something id like to make into a bigger project. Possibly with the next higher quality composition i will use in some sort of street art project. instead of doing what i have done previously with using traditional mural techniques (painting from reference) i will make this into some sort of large scale wheat-paste poster art..    entry 24/07/2018

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