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Working in a mix of traditional and contemporary techniques to create surreal and enigmatic figurative mindscapes.

From the surreal subject matter of science fiction, psychedelic colours of graffiti, crisp sculptural lines of conceptual design through to the automatic painting techniques of abstract masters: all of these interests have shaped my work.

her2 Max Brazier-Jones
her1 Max Brazier-Jones
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witch1 Max Brazier-Jones
witch2 Max Brazier-Jones
Portrait 1. 100 x 70.5cm

Portrait 1. 100 x 70.5cm

My work is routed in science fiction and its ability, as well as its limitations, at exploring how we see ourselves in the now and where we see our selves going in the future. 

During my time pursuing fine art painting i found that using abstract approaches allowed for chance discoveries that could be captured and developed. With the use Digital-Modelling techniques that i acquired during my time working as a designer, combined with the thought process of abstract painting, I hope to create surreal imagery that explores the possible aesthetics of distant, abstracted futures. Hopefully, in turn, making concept art that is explorative in the same way as a surrealist or abstract painting.   

creepy guy Max Brazier-Jones
abstract 2 Max Brazier-Jones
abstract 1 Max Brazier-Jones
things1 Max Brazier-Jones
thing backdrop Max Brazier-Jones
oddity2 Max Brazier-Jones
above Max Brazier-Jones
distort Max Brazier-Jones
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thing1 Max Brazier-jones
things2 Max Brazier-Jones
paint push 1 Max Brazier-Jones
paint push 2 Max Brazier-Jones
snake-goat Max Brazier-Jones
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Scape. 150 x 150cm

Scape. 150 x 150cm

poll side 1 Max Brazier-Jones
pool side 2 Max Brazier-Jones


Studied foundation at Central Saint Martins London and BA at Art University Bournemouth.

Art shows and exhibitions:

Semblance, Well Hung Gallery, 239 Hoxton Street, London. August 2017

Tales, Apiary Studios, Hackney Road, London. January 2016

Twisted Loot, Curious Duke Gallery, 173 Whitecross St, London. December 2015

Super Market Gallery, 150 green lanes, London. December 2015

Gray's Gallery FLUX, The Rag Factory, 16-18 Heneage Street, London. February 2015

Cosmophilia, The Print House, Sugar House Lane, London. November 2014

New Artist Fair, Old Trumen Brewery, London. September 2014 Free Range, Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London. June 2010

The Midnight Millionaires Club, Bournemouth. November 2009

Art Place 88, Gumligen, Switzerland. June 2009

Nothing to Display, Craze gallery, portabello road, London. June 2007


thought Max Brazier-Jones
weird bit 2 Max Brazier-Jones
weird bit 1 Max Brazier-Jones
wellhung gallery Max Brazier-Jones
hackney Max Brazier-Jones
Hackney mural Max Brazier-Jones
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Brick lane mural Max Brazier-Jones.jpg
chelsea art mural Max Brazier-Jones
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Brookley park mural Max Brazier-Jones
Portrait 2. 100 x 70.5cm

Portrait 2. 100 x 70.5cm


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